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Short-Term Bicycle Parking

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3 comments on “Short-Term Bicycle Parking

  • Thanks for setting up this page for public input, I’ll have to tell other folks about it.

    I have to say that I like the inverted U the best — it allows the rider to lock wheel and frame, and is easily and comfortably accessible.

    The Swerve Rack makes it difficult to lock the frame. The frame is the most important part to lock up since it’s the most expensive. Also, the spacing is too close, and pedals and handle bars collide.

    The Bike Hitch Rack looks like it would be easy for the bike to fall over and get damaged if it was oriented other than parallel to the circle.

    I don’t know much about the Lightning Rack. I’ve never seen it before.

    Stylized art racks can be really awesome, like in the shape of a bridge or a fish spine or what have you. Architects could go crazy with this design idea.

    There was a program in Portland that would give businesses the chance to have racks put in front of their businesses for free. It was really innovative, and the exposure resulted in parking bikes more accessible. Just a thought.

  • I prefer the swerve and the inverted u rack. Also, any art inspired device that is functional.

    I ride a recumbent, so I have mainly space issues with any parking stanchions.

  • I also think the city should not charge businesses to put up bike racks. If a business can add secure bicycle parking without hampering ped or vehicle traffic, they should be able to do so without paying a penalty.
    Having businesses willing to do this would save the city money ultimately by not having to put them up as a municipal project as is the case with this project.

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