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Other Walking Enhancements

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  • At 2 points that I pass regularly, and likely many other points throughout the area, there needs to be a pedestrian crosswalk for bus passengers who have to cross a busy street to access or return from, a bus stop.

    2 that I can think of off the top of my head are the stop at El Rancho Westbound near the fire station light in Sparks and the stop at Northbound Sun Valley Blvd just south of Dandini Drive.

    At bus stops such as these two, where the stop is isolated from structures and intersections allowing passengers the opportunity to safely get to the bus stop; currently, it necessitates the bus passenger to cross 4 or 5 lanes of traffic to get to or from their bus stop.

    This is not safe and should be remedied. I will attempt to obtain cross street names for both of the stops I am referring to in a later email.

  • Instead of providing a map for bicycle enthusiasts to draw in yet more inane traffic blockages, why don’t you provide a map whereby motorists can indicate where past lane narrowing efforts have resulted in traffic nightmares to the general public. Start with the disastrous effect of the narrowing of Mayberry Drive in front of the Roy Gomm School. When school is in session, you have created a traffic mess of great proportion, effecting two major roads and causing a dangerous situation for school children, parents and pedestrians. Your current efforts to enable bike riders to have a greater share of public roadways makes no sense. These people have little respect for traffic laws and have made demands for changes which are not justified in terms of bicycle usage versus automobile travel.

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