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Other Bicycling Enhancements

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  • I have become aware lately when I am riding through signalized intersections, if I’m the second vehicle I barely make it through before the light changes and I find myself traveling halfway or more through on a red light.
    This is probably on larger 5 lane wide intersections,
    and for example, my light at westbound 1st Ave at Sun Valley Boulevard, if I’m the 2nd vehicle, this is always the case.

    I have not had any problem yet, but I am wondering what is my legal status should I ever get hit by a vehicle in the cross traffic jumping the light, or possibly rolling through their light ‘timing’ the signal for green and maintaining a speed causing them to
    hit me.

    Technically they are in the right because I am in the intersection during a red light, but that is the case because the lights don’t recognize that I’ve gone through the lane.

  • One downside to widened road areas completely striped off as a bike lane (e.g. Kietzke N&S/bound around Galletti way), the bike lane is probably two to three times as wide as a standard bike lane, but the sweeper will, of course only sweep in the gutter half, leaving the half most likely to have cycle traffic to still accumulate dirt and debris from vehicles.

  • If I’m in a bike lane, will I trigger the light with a camera signal and I’m the only one in the intersection?
    What about if I’m in the bike lane, but there are in ground sensors only?

  • I like the appearance of the B street scene on top, but I don’t usually use that street, so I can’t say what it’s like to actually use.
    I have ridden a couple of times on the Riverside Drive segment and have enjoyed sharing the road with traffic knowing that the cars traveling on it are going to be more cognizant that there are going to be cyclists in the roadway and they generally drive as such.

  • This may be too specific, but the layout of bus stops and effect of bus travel should be considered on bike travel.
    Specifically, the S/B bus stop at Sun Valley Blvd and 1st Ave, next to the QuickStop, creates a large debris problem from mud and water onto the roadway where bicycles travel forcing them further into the path of Sun Valley Blvd. traffic.

  • Before any of the nifty bike oriented traffic devices become installed, we need education and work on the existing signals and sensors.

    Education towards motorists and cyclists that the
    cyclist can trigger a light and where they should be positioned to do so, along with that, measures have to be taken to illustrate where cyclists need to stop to trigger a signal light.

    Many lights leave cyclists at the mercy of vehicular traffic to cycle. Compounding the felony, those lights are often on secondary roads which are more attractive for cyclists to use due to traffic volumes, but the lower traffic volume reduces signal cycling. A vicious cycle.

    Cyclists at an intersection without a responsive signal leaves the cyclist with only unsafe or illegal
    or unsafe AND illegal options in order to proceed.

    This can and must be remedied before in ground sensors are put in at bike lane/intersections!

  • I think it would be great if the Sparks bus station had a bike rental. It would help tourists and people who dont want to lug a bike across town. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A9lib‘ This link is an example of a very popular system in paris.

  • “But most bicyclist, and especially the advanced and pro types need to be held accountable for their lack of respect to motorists and lack of obeying traffic laws.”

    I strenuously disagree with this statement. Anyone who spends any significant amount of time on a public roadway riding a bicycle understands their rights and responsibilities with respect to motorists and traffic laws. We realize that in a head to head confrontation with a motor vehicle we are going to lose every time. Hence, we have a healthy respect for that relationship.

    I have seen plenty of bicyclists doing stupid things like riding the wrong way down a street without a helmet at night. However, these people would never be mistaken for an “advanced or pro type.”

    We are vehicles. We have all the same rights to the road as you do. Therefore, we have to follow the exact same laws that you do.

  • Richard Grefrath

    August 9, 2010 at 11:30 am

    Recommendation: Improve Riverside Drive Bicycle Boulevard by addressing the bottleneck immediately north of the Booth Street Bridge. When there are motor vehicles in both directions at a given point there is hardly any room for bicycles. There is a bike lane painted in front of Riverview Apartments (1077 RD), but east of that there is somewhat of a Death Trap for Bicyclists. Nobody seems to drive the posted 15mph speed limit. (See attachment #1)
    My solution: Eliminate the motor vehicle parking in that small stretch and make the north side of RD “No Parking” from Riverview Apartments (1077 RD) to Loomis Manor (1045 RD). That would free up sufficient space to prevent the old “squeeze play” motorists use pass bicyclists.

  • Hello RSBPP,

    I would like to recommend that the cattle guard at the West 4th Street on-ramp to I-80 intersection with Frontage Road 405 be removed. This cattle guard is extremely dangerous as it presents a very acute angle to cross the steel grating, which is especially difficult during wet or cold days. Bicycle riders must negotiate a very quick chicane turn to remain on the road and not insert a front wheel into the cattle guard. I have witnessed several crashes at this intersection, but I have not seen cattle grazing in the area for several years as the land has been converted to church property and residential homes. I suggest either painting the new intersection with cattle guard striping, or completely removing it and making the intersection more direct. Thank you for your consideration.

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